Solid Stainless Steel Luxury Gourmet Spring Coil Kitchen Faucet with Metal Sprayer

Italia Faucets, Inc.

$ 315.00

Make a bold and luxurious statement in your kitchen with this solid stainless steel modern kitchen spring faucet.  Made from 100% 304 solid stainless steel, this faucet contains no plating (which can chip, peal or erode over time) giving the faucet the same appearance for your life-time.  Because our faucet is made of real solid stainless steel and not plated brushed nickel as most "stainless steel" faucets are, our faucet exactly matches your stainless steel sink and other stainless steel appliances in your kitchen.  The modern spray head is also made of pure stainless steel and has industrial strength spray mode when valve is fully open.  The intricate, yet tough, flexible coil spring hose allows  you to reach all areas of your sink for washing down and cleaning. This faucet is sure to become the focal point and conversation piece in your kitchen making it well worth the investment

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